Stepping Out helps us find fulfillment, because it provides a framework in which we can become everything God wants us to be – fulfilling his perfect plans for our lives. Of course, co-operating with the Divine Plan will also produce personal fulfillment – a deep sense of satisfaction and joy as we are drawn ever closer to our Heavenly Father, and are increasingly used for his purposes. That’s one of the many wonderful things about pursuing a relationship with God – he makes it so attractive, so rewarding. He blesses us extravagantly…out of all proportion to any effort we may make.



Step 1   – Trusting God  (YouTube / MP3)

Step 2   – Becoming a disciple (YouTube / MP3)

Step 3   – Deepening relationship (YouTube / MP3)

Step 4   – Studying the Bible (YouTube / MP3)

Step 5   – Forgiving others (YouTube / MP3)

Step 6   – Resisting temptation (YouTube / MP3)

Step 7   – Loving others (YouTube MP3)

Step 8   – Gifts and talents (YouTube MP3)

Step 9   – God-centred lifestyle

Step 10 – Fulfilling our purpose

Step 11 – Telling others

Step 12 – Discipling others